fuji_satsuki (fuji_satsuki) wrote,

[RAW] Goulart Knights Evoked The Beginning Black OAV

I've upload Goulart Knights' OVA in torrents. 'Cos, it looks like MU or MF really hated me so they never finish uploading.
(I downloaded file from megavideo and I really have tried to upload on host website for many ten times T^T)

So...I have to say sorry for people who can't download with torrent. :(
(But if anyone can upload in host MU or MF please upload and post in this topic's comment. I'll try to upload again too. Thank you in advance.) XD

I won't talk much about the story, 'cos I don't want to spoil. Just say, It's the MQ file. But it's good enough to enjoy. And the story is not related with comic or any Drama CD. (I'm not read the first volume of comic yet.)  :)))

 Torrent << I've uploaded by myself. So please feel free to download.>>
Megaupload by dunamez 

Please do not re-shared without my permission. _(_ _)_
Enjoy. :))

Tags: anime, download, goulart knights, terashii
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